Algorithm Workbench

The Algorithm Workbench (AW) is a Windows tool for data analysis.  Data analysis algorithms are connected to the AW and data is executed using these algorithms.  The results of execution can be viewed and printed in several different ways using the AW.  In addition, algorithms can be fine tuned interactively using the AW.  The AW is intimately tied with the Algorithm Library since most of the analysis routines in the algorithms are provided by the Algorithm Library.  For more information on the Algorithm Library see the documentation on the Algorithm Library project.

If you are using or plan to use this application please inform Patricio Vidal so that you can be consulted before making functional changes and be informed of futures updates.

How to Install

Click on this link and choose to open from dialog.  The installation script will now execute. Follow the prompts within the installation script.

How to Access From ClearCase

To access AW from ClearCase, create or update a current ClearCase view with a config spec that includes a /main/LATEST rule, and mount the \ALGORITHMS VOB.  

To add the AW to your SCM project at Level 3 please add the \ALGORITHMS VOB to your OTHERVOBS line in the cm.ini file, and add one of the following rules to your project config spec template:

1) For the latest version:

element /ALGORITHMS                /main/LATEST -nocheckout
element /ALGORITHMS/Workbench/...  /main/LATEST -nocheckout

2) For this specific version:

element * ALGORITHMS_WORKBENCH-EXT-V4R2 -nocheckout

ClearCase specific information:


Release Notes 

Last Updated: 4/11/03, Stuart Blavatnik