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Stuart Blavatnik is the founder and CEO of Two For Both Inc. He was born in 1966 and was raised in New York City. Growing up in a metropolis such as New York gave Stuart a well rounded cultural background which encouraged him to keep abreast of "state of the art" happenings both within and outside of the technical realm. He went to Stuyvesant High School which is one of the top science and math high schools in the country. It was here where the precocious teen was able to show the teachers a thing or two about Applesoft BASIC.

Next came college at New York University where Stuart received his bachelors degree in computer science. This also marked the time where Stuart began his professional programming career. During this time, Stuart began writing educational software for Scholastic Inc. The main work that he did was to write two separate engines (templates) for a monthly electronic magazine called Microzine. The software was written in 6502 assembly language for the Apple 2 line of computers. Over 20 applications were created using these engines.

After graduation, Stuart remained at Scholastic to take a position as full time programmer for the Advanced Research and Development group. As the only technical person in the group, Stuart was able to gain a lot of experience with networking, (Appletalk and Novell) early scripting languages, (Apple's HyperCard and Commodore's AmigaVision) and building multimedia applications using Latice C. The multimedia application was an interactive two video-disc set named Struggles for Justice. It worked on the basis of combining computer and video graphics on one screen using genlock technology.

After completing the video project, Stuart made his way to Wall St. His first stop was at the Royal Bank of Canada. Here Stuart worked with traders on the money market desk to create a multi-user deal tracking system. This system was created using C, a screen package C Scape and a database package DBVista.

Next Stuart went on to another Wall St. firm Market Data Corporation. Here Stuart continued building database applications using DBVista. However, these applications were used for real-time systems to deliver financial data to world-wide networks such as Dow Jones Telerate and Reuters.

Stuart then decided that he wanted to try writing computer games. His next stop was Crossover Technologies. Here he was introduced to object oriented programming using C++. The project, an electronic version of a board game created by the founder of Crossover (Eric Goldberg), was unfortunately never released. It was also at Crossover where Stuart became a full time consultant.

For the next 7 years, Stuart was consultant for the Royal Bank, Market Data and Crossover with overlapping projects. A full project was written by Stuart in 1994 for Crossover Tom Peters Business School in a Box It was Stuart's introduction to Visual Basic 3.0. For Market Data, more real-time systems were built. Stuart also taught others in the company how to maintain and build other systems. In addition an educational tool was built in conjunction with the Chicago Board of Trade. This project, the Market Data Options Evaluator teaches the user how to trade options and futures. This application was written with Visual Basic 4.0 (later converted to 5.0) and a charting package ChartFX. Finally, both old and new were combined when Stuart built a real-time pricing tool that made use of VB and ChartFX. This application was used on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange.

Within the consulting span, Stuart moved to San Diego and formed Two For Both Inc. Here, he continued to consult for Market Data Corp and also did some consulting work for a local company Prosoft Corp. It turned out that Stuart was the ChartFX expert in the San Diego area. For Prosoft, he created 2 active-x controls using VB 6.0 that were extensions of ChartFX. Finally, Stuart was approached by another New York based company Javelin Technologies. His first project was to create a Palm version of a Java application that Javelin had built a few years earlier. The project was completed on time and as a reward, Javelin offered Stuart a full time position in their New York headquarters. While at Javelin, Stuart was the senior and lead developer for the front end portion of a web based trading system (Javtrader) This project was coming to completion when the tragic events of September 11 struck. Stuart worked and lived within a 4 block radius of the World Trade Center and decided to relocate back to California.

From 2002 through 2009 Stuart lived and worked for various companies in south Florida. His projects included work involving medical devices, hedge fund accounting systems and fantasy football applications.

In late 2009 Stuart moved back to New York and is working at JP Morgan where he is leading a team of developers based around the world.