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Inf Workshop

Medical winforms application. Software for browsing and manipulating proprietary data. For a more detailed description, click this link.

Normal Sample Evaluator

DotNet 2.0 Framework C# winforms application that works on individual or batches of normal processed blood samples determining if the reading fall into a normal ranges using criteria determined by the Beckman Coulter Algorithm R&D team. Screenshot

Algorithm Results Viewer

Multi-threaded WinForms application designed to display and batch algorithm results. Other features include live directory monitoring, reporting and exporting results to various file formats. Screenshot

Other C# development can be found at this link.


Borland JBuilder 3 - 7

Wrote Scrambled Eggs Football Draft a fantasy football drafting application allowing multiple teams to search for players, draft them and chat. Applets interface with PHP servlets that connect to a backend mySQL database. Swing and AWT demo versions available to view. Created a real-time scoring application link

Wrote JavTrader a web-based real-time blotter application using a combination of Java and javascript for DHTML functionality. (J2EE)

Updated a real-time multi-threaded blotter swing application. Application Screenshots

Wrote a version of JavTrader using servlets and JSP.

JSP Screenshots

Maintained and updated FIXionary an online dictionary applet using an XML like database.
Local version


Borland C++

Wrote many database applications using db_Vista (a multi-user network and relational model database) and used Roguewave Libraries for container objects. Interfaced with Quarterdeck's desqView multitasking operation system layer. These applications were responsible for parsing raw financial data feeds and doing value added calculations, formatting the results and sending the data to worldwide networks such as Telerate, Reuters and Bloomberg. Also wrote many in house development tools to assist in compiling system and versioning source files.

Visual C++.

Modified and maintained Beckman Coulter's Algorithm Workbench

Wrote a graphical card game, Paigow poker. Wrote a directory checking program using timers. Also converted code written in Borland C++.

Links to code samples

Visual Basic

VB 3

Tom Peter's Business School In A Box

A published work that combined role playing and business. This game was an electronic companion to a book and game that pitted two or more teams of players competing for divisional superiority within a fictitious company. The application's main purpose was to replace the manual lookup of outcomes within the game. In addition, the program also kept track of scoring and timer duties.

VB 4

MDC Options Evaluator

A published work from the Chicago Board of Trade. This educational program was used a way to learn how to trade options and futures based on government securities. It included a calculator and graph, an options matrix and a portfolio manager.

MDC Volatility Entry System

A real time application that was used on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade that was used to modify the volatility curve for various options and futures. The application was also used by the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) and the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE)

Scrambled Eggs Football Desktop Edition

Fantasy football application. A tool to manage a fanatasy football league. Application reads flat files with stats and generates reports and html pages. Calculates stats for different scoring systems and handles all financials for the league.

VB 5

MDC Options Evaluator upgrade
MDC Volatility Entry System upgrade

VB 6

MDC Options Evaluator 32 bit version
The application was upgraded to teach the trading of any type of instrument.

MDC Volatility Entry System upgrade
Prosoft Corp Linear Regression and Bias graph Active-X tools

An Access database application used to run rated tournaments.


An Access database application used to store different FIX protocol specifications and output the contents in various database and XML formats for a Java application and a Palm (CASL) application.


PHP 3 / 4

Scrambled Eggs Football

Online fantasy football application. Reads flat files with stats and generates reports and html pages. For a sample of the output click on the following link
NOTE: Seasons from 1996 through 2000 were created using the VB version of the application. The 2001 season was created using PHP and mySQL.

Palm OS


Palm FIXionary

A Palm adaptation of a java online dictionary. This database program allows the user to learn all about the FIX protocol by messages and their associated fields.

Download application