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A real-time browser based mini-OMS using FIX protocol as it's method of communication. Program is written using a combination of Java, Javascript and DHTML (J2EE). Completed September 2001


WebTrader -- precursor to JavTrader

Wrote 2 prior versions of JavTrader using pure Java and as a JSP

Application Screenshots
JSP Screenshots


This project was a 3 part endevor. The first part was maintaining and updating a Java application written by a Javelin Technologies employee. Local version The next part was writing a VB 6 application to parse FIX specification documents and to write them out to YML (a Javelin proprietary XML data format) and Palm database formats. The final part was to write a version of the original Java application for the Palm. The application was written in a proprietary language CASL. Download Application

MDC Options Evaluator

Educational application to teach users how to trade options and futures. Program was written in conjunction with the Chicago Board of Trade. Program was written using a combination of VB 4 / 5, ChartFX and math libraries written in Visual C++.

DOWNLOAD NOW AVAILABLE -- Download both files to a directory and run setup.exe
Disk 1
Disk 2

Volatility Entry Sysetm

Real-time pricing tool used on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE), and the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE). Program was written using a combination of VB 5, ChartFX, Sysbase's Formula One spreadsheet control, and math libraries in Visual C++.



Multi-user database application to store, track and generate reports on money market deals. Program was written using Microsoft C 6.0, dbVista and CScape. Application was written for the Royal Bank of Canada.


Iris 5

Real-time financial display engine. Application reads in various data feeds, implements value-added calculations on values, formats values and sends finalized data to a data feed writer to update world wide network. Application was written with Borland C++, dbVista, Rouguewave and DesqView. This system was written as a generic engine with various plug in modules to enable it to work for different financial instruments. System was used to work with government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage backed securities, options, futures, interational bonds, and news.


Normal Sample Evaluator

DotNet 2.0 Framework C# winforms application that works on individual or batches of normal processed blood samples determining if the reading fall into a normal ranges using criteria determined by the Beckman Coulter Algorithm R&D team.

Algorithm Workbench

MFC (to be converted to C#) desktop application that assists in the development of algorithms to view post experimental data from blood analysis. Application connects to various in house dll's using a standard interface, imports various data files and displays and graphs results.

Description and Screenshots

Inf Workshop

Medical winforms application written in C#. Software for browsing and manipulating proprietary data. For a more detailed description, click this link.

Algorithm Results Viewer

A new and improved version of Algorithm Workbench written entirely in C#. Multi-threaded application. Using Nevron chart controls.


Struggles For Justice

Interactive multi-media application written for the Commodore Amiga. Application contained 2 video-discs with images and video clips that were integrated with comupter graphics using genlock technology. Application was written using Lattice C.


Wrote 2 engines in 6502 assembly language to generate more than 20 applications for a monthly magazine, Microzine. The two applications were Eye Spy and Monitor Mystery. Application was written for Apple 2 computers.



Scrambled Eggs Football

Fantasy football application. A tool to manage a fanatasy football league. Application reads flat files with stats and generates reports and html pages. Calculates stats for different scoring systems and handles all financials for the league. VB desktop version For a sample of the output click on the following link
Note: The 2001 season was created using PHP4 and mySQL
NEW 2002 Drafting program written in Java, middle tier PHP, back end mySQL Demo League
Created a real-time scoring application link


VB 6 application that keeps track of player games and rankings for the Magic the Gathering arena format.

Tom Peter's Business School in a Box

Role playing game for MBA's. Program was written in VB 3. Published by Knoff in 1994.


Tales of the Arabian Knights

Unreleased computer adaptation of the board game. Code was written in Borland C++.

Paigow Poker

Adaptation of a casino game written as an introduction to the Windows 3.0 SDK and object oriented development (C++)